US airlines battle it out for top spot in WalletHub’s annual ranking – Which airlines soared and which stumbled?


WalletHub’s annual ranking of US airlines is out! Covering 11 airlines based on flight data, the results are in, showcasing who soared and who stumbled.

The skies may have been quieter than usual in 2022 due to the pandemic, but the competition between US airlines was as fierce as ever. WalletHub, the go-to personal finance website, has released its much-awaited annual ranking of US airlines. The ranking, which assesses 11 airlines, including two regional carriers, is based on a comprehensive analysis of flight data from the US Department of Transportation.

The analysis covered four categories, including delays, pricing, safety, and passenger comfort. The results reveal the highlights and lowlights of each airline’s performance, and it’s fair to say that some airlines soared while others stumbled. Here’s an overview of the WalletHub rankings, from the lowest score to the highest:

Southwest Airlines claimed the lowest spot for the second year running. While it scored well in comfort-related aspects, it received zero points in two safety-related categories, indicating at least one fatality and numerous injuries from 2017 to 2022.

Frontier Airlines excelled in safety-related categories but fell short in terms of passenger comfort. The absence of legroom, entertainment options, Wi-Fi availability, and complimentary refreshments resulted in a zero score for these metrics.

American Airlines garnered good ratings for passenger comfort, but it struggled with animal-related incidents, indicating a relatively high ratio of lost, injured, or deceased animals transported by the airline.

Envoy Airlines, one of the regional carriers on the list, earned points for comfort-related factors and a young fleet. However, it had the highest ratio of mishandled baggage reports, highlighting significant issues in this aspect.

Jetblue Airways showcased strong performance in terms of passenger comfort, but its score suffered due to the highest percentage of delayed flights among the listed airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines provided excellent passenger comfort, but it received zero points for animal-related incidents, indicating the highest number of animal fatalities, injuries, or losses during transportation.

Alaska Airlines earned praise for passenger comfort but struggled with canceled flights, having the highest percentage of cancellations among the airlines on the list.

Skywest Airlines, the second regional carrier on the list, showcased strengths in managing denied boardings. However, it faced challenges in providing optimal passenger comfort.

Spirit Airlines excelled in safety-related metrics, boasting a perfect score in fatal injuries from aviation accidents. This achievement highlights the airline’s commitment to passenger well-being.

For the second consecutive year, Delta Airlines claimed the top spot in WalletHub’s ranking. Its outstanding performance in managing oversold flights (denied boardings) contributed significantly to its success.