US Trying To Use India Against China


BEIJING – US is trying to use India by wooing the South Asian population giant as part of its new Asia-Pacific strategic structure to contain China, complicating Sino-Indian ties, according to analysts in China.

The write up in the ‘People’s Daily’ online said the US policy to “besiege” China with intricate network of alliances with India has become a “test” for the Sino-Indian ties.

“In recent years, China and India’s cooperation has made significant achievements in various areas and both countries have maintained good coordination and cooperation in dealing with major international affairs, including border issues,” it said.

But America’s attempts to rope in India to build new Asia-Pacific strategic structure to contain China is complicating bilateral ties between the two Asian neighbours, the write up said.

“The development of the China-India relations is being tested by the US’ strategic adjustment in the Asia-Pacific Region, which will have a complicated and in-depth influence on the future of China-India relations,” it said referring to US’ attempts to build alliances especially in Beijing’s neighbourhood.

The article also referred to multinational military co-operation, including US-Australia-India cooperation and US Japan-India cooperation. “One of the main topics of the dialogue is on how to deal with China’s growing global military and political status.