Weather warning: Be prepared for 3 big storms


Three atmospheric rivers are set to hit BC over the next week. Heavy rainfall over many days could worsen existing flooding, create new flooding, or heighten the risk of landslides. Always be prepared. Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. Stay informed and stay safe. BC Public Safety minister Mike Farnworth has asked people to be prepared for 3 big pulses of storms arriving over the next week. And biggest hitting Tuesday. “The time to prepare is now,” he said.People are being advised to be vigilant, pay attention and be ready for the unpredictable weather that is coming to BC. Keep a close eye on weather alerts, check updates and warning from local governments. Storm proof your homes, clear gutters, and drainages. Make sure your emergency supplies and drinking water is stored in an accessible place. If you don’t need to travel stay home, and if you are traveling make sure your vehicle has food, blankets, water and emergency supplies. If you are in a flood prone area be prepared to evacuate. Take some time to prepare for emergency kits. Prepared BC has lots of information.