What Would Jesus Do With The Starvation In Africa?


By Alex Sangha

Famine is a nice word for people dying of hunger.  Why are people starving to death in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya?  The world has no shortage of food.  Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are dying of diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity.

The western countries are consuming too much food at the expense of the rest of the planet.  Just to feed our appetite for meat requires huge amounts of agricultural land to grow plant based feed to fatten livestock animals.  If we are what we eat, then we are one big cow or pig.

It is not only food but money that is not equitably distributed.  Millions of people on this planet still live on a few dollars a day in primitive conditions without basic necessities such as clean drinking water.

Children are dying of starvation at a rapid rate and continue to perish due to a whole list of preventable diseases.  There is still child slavery, child labour, child prostitution, child poverty, and child soldiers in this day and age.  The end result is potential lifelong trauma and damage to the development of our next generation.

It is fair to say that capitalism, corporations, consumerism, and primarily male dominance, power and ego has led to this global social disaster.  I don’t see a lot of women killing kids with hunger or handguns.  Maybe its because they play a big role in the creation of life as mothers.

Nonetheless, humanity is destroying humanity.  We are on a downward spiral. We treat our pet rocks and gardens better than children and people experiencing real human suffering.  Maybe starvation is a phenomena of racism.  Does the world turn a blind eye to what is happening in East Africa because the children starving to death are Black?  On the other hand, the western powers all rush to intervene in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya – not that I disagree with this – all for restoring democracy, freedom, and human rights.  If that were the case, then why has the west not intervened in Zimbabwe and sent Mugabe packing?

Decisions are made all for the sake of money, power, and privilege, or should I say control of oil and resources.  Actually, this is really short-sighted.  World leaders must work together to build a better planet for the longer term for everyone.  The goal should be to try to help make a difference?  This is something meaningful and something world leaders may be remembered for.

I hate to go all Jesus on you but Christ did say that it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.  This biblical quote makes a lot of sense.  Greed is a sin and it has played a major part in shaping the world and its citizens into either have’s or have not’s. What would Jesus do with the starvation in Africa?  I am pretty sure he would help thy neighbour.

The thirst for money, material goods, and resources has led to wars, starvation, and pollution.  We have made a mess and we need to clean it up.

Time for social development and concern for humanity to become a top global priority.   We must all ensure that every child can live up to his or her potential and thrive and make the most of their opportunities.  This is an investment in the advancement of humanity.

The world can be a better place for all.  Humans are the most intelligent species on the planet.  The political leaders just need to apply some common sense and a longer term vision.  This means they may need to sacrifice their best interests for the greater good.

Alex Sangha is a Delta-based writer and activist.