Who Won Big Boss Season 6 ? Fan Furore

Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss6 may have ended crowning televisionactress Urvashi Dholakia as itswinner, but the controversy may haveonly just begun.This website has received an overwhelmingnumber of responses fromfans who are disappointed with thewinner.
Urvashi took home prize moneyof Dh335,403 and a glittering trophy, but for many ardent followers ofthe show, image consultant ImamSiddiqui deserved to win.„The only person who trulydeserves to win the show is Imam. Heis just awesome and totally talentedand deserves to win the show.
Imam often resorted to such tacticswhich made him unpopular inthe house, but garnered him recognitionas a true entertainer. He wonDh67,020 for being the BestEntertainer.Sam who is also fan of the realityshow said, „What rubbish! Mostdeserving would have been Delnaazor even Imam.
He was an entertainerand I still canÊt believe two facedUrvashi won!‰Imam was famous for his absurdclothing and make-up. He had a collectionof colourful wigs and maskswhich he used to irritate other housemates.Ameene Kodabux said, „I am ofopinion that Imam should be thewinner as every day he has a newstyle in the show.‰Often seen having tiffs with thehousemates, Imam seldom spokepolitely which angered another contestantsRajev Paul.
The two hadmajor spats several times.Surendra Kumar Sharma writesin: „Imam is a hero of big bossbecause he was a genuine entertainer!Rajev Paul is India’s biggest cheater.‰On the day of the grand finaleonly four contestants were left in thehouse.Along with Imam and Urvashiitem girl and host Salman KhanÊsfavourite Sana Khan and modelNiketan Madhok.When the contestants were askedwho they think should win the showall of them believed that anyoneexcept Imam deserved to win.
However this was not the opinionof his fans.„Imam was the winner all theway! Gem of a person we love him tobits all others fake, and do notdeserve to remain till the end,‰ saidZainab.So, who according to you whodeserved to win Bigg Boss Season 6?Write in your comments.

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