Why AAP Is Shy Of Forming Government In Delhi


NEW DELHI -TheAam Aadmi Partytook the initiative ofmaking corruptionthe main electionissue in the DelhiAssembly and ridingon its promiseof a clean and participativegovernanceit scored astupendous success, winning 28seats. However, when it comesto stepping forward to stake theclaim, it seems that the party’sstance is ‘pahle aap’.AAP is the second largest partyin the Delhi Assembly with theBJP winning just four more tofinish first. However, none ofthe parties have the numbers toform a government with a simplemajority in the 70-memberHouse. Both the BJP and AAPhave shown reluctance to stakethe claim. “There is no questionof extending support to BJP.We will neither support anybodynor seek support. BJP has gotthe mandate as the largest party.We are ready for re-election,”said AAP convenor ArvindKejriwal.A party source said, more thananything else, AAP did not wantto be identified with any of itsrivals — Congress and BJP. It hasalready been called theCongress’ B team or BJP’s Bteam. To form a government itwill have to take support fromeither of these and will be seenin direct contravention of theAAP’s promises of a politicsthat is devoid of all tricksemployed by the establishedparties.Critics said the party’s reluctancecan also be attributed tothe fact that it has all but ovenfreshMLAs, many of themyounger than 35, and also that itdoes not have a clear vision or apolicy to run a government.AAP will need at least sevenstrong candidates to appointthem as ministers.The 1993 BJP government hada mix of experience and youth.Chief minister Madan LalKhurana had spent several yearsin the municipal corporationand later in erstwhile metropolitancouncil besides serving as achief whip, executive councillorand leader of the opposition byturns.