Why Is Alia Bhatt So Possessive About Siddharth Malhotra?

Alia Bhatt, who createdripples among the youth with aglamorous role in her debutventure ‘Student of the Year’which was directed by KaranJohar, has already started drawingattention through her sociallife, sources reveal that she ishaving a cold fight with anotherbhatt camp actress EshaGupta.Guess why? Well, it’s becauseAlia Bhatt’s ‘Student of theYear’ co-star Siddharth malhothahas been hanging outwith Esha.
Alia Bhatt was spottedgiving angry stares to Eshaduring a recent photo shootwhere lot of Bollywood’s newcomers were present.The source says, “A lot of newcomersfrom B-Town werepresent at the shoot. It wassurprising to see Alia Bhatt dothat to Esha, especially as thelatter was launched by herfather Mahesh Bhatt.
”Siddharth Malhotra and EshaGupta were spending time witheach other, hanging around asboth of them are from Delhibut Alia seems to feel a bit possessiveabout Siddharth as he isher first co-star.But however, this is where lotof rumours start to arise consideringthe fact that both arevery new to the industry andhad decent starts to theircareers, let’s hope this brief catfight does not lead to a hugeBollywood rivalry.