Young Surrey Filmmaker’s Film About Caring And Sharing A Big Winner


SURREY – Young Surrey filmmaker Daniel Baraghoush, the son of proud father Edward Baraghoush, was the big winner at the short film festival sponsored by many local agencies including Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society and Simon Fraser University to help with Surrey Homelessness.

Daniel’s film Everyone Can Do Something won the main award which carried a certificate and a cash prize.

“Look at me I’m only 12 years old and if I can make a difference so can you,” said Daniel in a speech following the showing of the film and the awards ceremony last week.

Proud papa Edward Baraghoush said he is so happy and proud of his son, who acted, edited and directed another short film about Anti-bulling for the Surrey school district.

Daniel won the City District award for the Anti-Bullying video and received a gift from the City as well as the whole school’s standing ovation in March 2012.

Before Daniel made his recent award winning video film he didn’t know how he could help people but when he began making the film he  started to understand the concept of the phrase – “Everyone can do something.”

“This video made me think outside of the box and helped me understand that even the smallest thing like giving a sandwich to hungry person can make a difference. My perspective is that maybe these kids have a reason for being on the street and if we talk to them, raise their confidence we could give them a second chance at life. There is something inside of all of us to help others and feel good,” Daniel said.