25% Increase In Road Fatalities In Punjab Over Last Year


CHANDIGARH – Three deaths a week or a fatality every second day, that is the poor road safety record that the city has failed to improve upon. Figures made available till November 30 show that 394 road accidents were reported of which 133 proved fatal in which 140 lives were lost, including 119 males.

This set of figures is, in fact, a deterioration over the 2015 figures when 375 road mishaps were reported in the corresponding period. Of these, 106 fatal accidents claimed 129 lives.

One thing is clear, the number of deaths has risen in spite of the police claim that there has been increase in number of nakas and patrolling has been strengthened over the previous years.

Data with the police department shows that this year, 65 people died in accidents between 8pm to 6am, while 75 lives were lost between 6am to 8pm.

In 2015, 88 people succumbed to their injuries suffered in road accidents between 6am to 8pm.

As many as 41 accident victims died in mishaps that occurred between 8pm to 6am. Of 129 deaths last year, 82 were men.

Till November 30 this year, 36 pedestrians, including 28 males, died. Others who died include 25 cyclists, three rickshaw drivers, eight three-wheeler drivers, 50 two-wheeler drivers, 16 four-wheeler and a bus and a truck driver.

Eish Singhal, SP, traffic and security, said, “Drunk driving and speeding lead to accidents. Youngsters tend to test their speeding skills on bikes and cars. They not only risk their lives, but those of other road users as well.” “People should be careful while driving at night. Self-policing is also needed. People should wear helmets and fasten seat belts,” the SP said.

The officer claimed that with the recent initiative of the government to suspend the licences of traffic offenders, accidents are likely to witness a major dip.

Under the new provision, police can recommend suspension of driving licences in case of four violations, including drunk driving, speeding, red light jumping and using mobile phone while driving.

Since November 10, recommendation for suspension of 218 licences have been sent to the Registering and Licensing Authority.