Badal Says Shocking That Indira Gandhi Took Help From Colonial Masters


CHANDIGARH – Punjab chief ministerParkash Singh Badal on Tuesday toreinto Congress following admissionsmade by British foreign secretaryWilliam Hagues that UK had sent a militaryadvisor to India in 1984 to offerassistance on Operation Bluestar, sayingIndira Gandhi had “humiliated her ownpeople and country by compromisingIndia’s sovereignty”.”I find it hard tobelieve that the prime minister of a sovereignnation would so humiliate herown people and country as to turn formilitary advice against its own citizens.This is the gravest sin against the Sikhs,”Badal remarked. He also attacked thelate Indian PM an Congress governmentto take assistance from colonial rulers toexecute operation. “It is shockingbeyond belief that she (Indira) went tosuch absurd and inhuman extremes as toinvolve former colonial masters in dealingwith what was essentially a deeplyemotional, religious and political issueinvolving the most patriotic community,”he said. The 85-year-old Akali Dalpartriarch said the “incredible disclosures”by the British government provedthat Congress party leaders had been”lying through their teeth” by claimingthat the then Congress governmentnever wanted to attack the GoldenTemple and that the decision to useIndian Army was sudden.