British PM Cameron Orders Probe As Sikhs Fume Over UK Link To Operation Bluestar


Despite UK’s Involvement – Let There Be No Doubt That The Mass KillingOf Sikhs Was The Brainchild Of Known “Sikh Hater” Indira Gandhi!

It’s unknown what actual helpMargaret Thatcher’s then governmentsupplied Indian PMIndira Gandhi but what isclear now is that the Britishinvolvement kept the massacreby the Indian militaryand the atrocities associatedwith it from coming up in the international human rights debate.It hugely impacted the non-investigation by the internationalagencies, sparing Indian government the big BLACK EYE ofworld’s worst Human Rights Abusers and criminals!

A file photo of Army brass including the then Army chief General Arun Sridhar Vaidya (extreme right) after Operation Blue Star at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

LONDON – British Prime MinisterDavid Cameron has asked his cabinetsecretary to inquire into newly-releaseddocuments suggesting MargaretThatcher government facilitated theIndian government in 1984 to planOperation Bluestar against separatistSikh militants hiding inside the GoldenTemple. Sikh groups in the UK and Indiareacted with outrage after the documents,discovered by a researcher, were immediatelyseized upon by Labour MP TomWatson and leaders of the community.A foreign office spokesman said lastnight, “These events led to a tragic loss oflife and we understand the very legitimateconcerns that thesepapers will raise. ThePM has asked thecabinet secretary to look into this caseurgently and establish the facts.” It’s unknown what actual helpMargaret Thatcher’s then governmentsupplied Indian PM Indira Gandhi butwhat is clear now is that the Britishinvolvement kept the massacre by theIndian military and the atrocities associatedwith it from coming up in theinternational human rights debate. Ithugely impacted the non-investigationby the international agencies, sparingIndian government the big BLACKEYE of world’s worst Human RightsAbusers and criminals!The Network of Sikh Organisations,headed by Lord Indarjit Singh, said theForeign and Commonwealth Officehas accepted Indrajit’s offer to aid theinvestigation. Expressing “shock” overthe revelation, secretary general of SikhCouncil UK Gurmel Singh said, “I amdisappointed there could have been anyinvolvement of the UK governmentand armed forces in planning the attackon the Golden Temple Complex.”While claiming he will raise the issue inthe House of Commons, Watson said,“In the year when Sikhs commemoratetheir role in the centenary of WorldWar I and mourn for loved ones lost inthe events of 1984, this latest revelationwill be deeply felt.”Virendra Sharma, a labour MP fromSouthall in West London, home to alarge population of Sikhs, on said thepeople in his constituency were angryover the revelations. “People are angrybecause it was not publicly known thatMargaret Thatcher was helping theIndian government. It was wrong inprinciple to help other governments insuch actions,” Sharma said.The Operation Bluestar left around600 people dead and deeply hurt thesentiments of the community. Fivemonths after the operation, IndiraGandhi was assassinated by her Sikhbodyguards. Her assassination triggeredan anti-Sikh pogrom, leavingmore than 4,000 Sikhs dead. Reactingto the controversy, ShiromaniGurdwara Parbandhak Committeepresident Avtar Singh Makkar said theUK’s alleged involvement was condemnableand asked both British andIndian governments to offer an unconditionalapology to Sikhs. Senior BJPleader Arun Jaitley said it was time thegovernment of India decided “to tell usthe truth as to what the real factswere”. “This would enable the peopleof India to conclude whether‘Operation Blue Star’ was a strategicmiscalculation,” he said in a Facebookpost. The latest revelations have calledinto question the claims made by thengovernment that the army was called inMay, 1984 only after the talks with themilitants had failed.Delhi Sikh Gurdwara ManagingCommittee president Manjit Singh GKsaid the revelations have left no doubtthat the “Congress created these conditionsto marginalise Sikhs”.