Bulk Of Fiji’s Fuel Imported For Transport Sector


SUVA – The bulk of fuel imported by the country every year is used by the transport sector. Following the transport sector is the commercial sector and then the residential and industrial sectors.

Department of Energy’s Bio Fuel Engineer, Pranil Singh said a small portion of the fuel imported every year is used by the agriculture sector. Mr Singh said about 40 per cent of the fuel imported is used by the transport sector every year.

“When we get fuel, we have petrol and diesel while the heavy fuel oil is used by large ships and the Fiji Electricity Authority,” he said.

“Heavy fuel oil is cheaper but not environmentally friendly because it’s the waste from the processed fuel and contains a lot of dirt.

“Fiji imports fuel and also re – exports it to the small island countries in the Pacific.”

In 2009, Fiji imported $720,619,051 worth of fuel and gas and re-exported $245,824,181 of it to some small Pacific island countries.

After re-exporting the fuel and gas, the total amount used in Fiji in 2009 was worth $474,794,870.