Congress Spokesman Tewari Compares Modi To Hitler


PANAJI – The BJP-Congressface off over Narendra Modion Wednesday spilled over tothe 44thInternationalFilm Festival ofIndia (IFFI)being held here.I n f o r mationand broadcastingministerand CongressspokespersonManish Tewari while addressingthe media compared Modito dictator of Nazi Germany,Adolf Hitler.Tewari drew the parallel whiletalking about whether the festivalwas a vehicle of brandIndia. Insisting that IFFI wasbeing organized in the spirit ofcinema and not as a brandingexercise, the minister said, “Acertain individual keeps talkingabout using the 100 years ofIndian cinema as a brandingexercise. We all know whathappened when a dictator triedto brand himself through theBerlin Olympics.”It was Modi, who had recentlysaid that the government hadfailed to use theoccasion of centenaryof Indiancinema to buildits image in frontof the world andpeddle its softpower.Tewar iattacked Modiover the snoopingcontroversy saying therewas no point asking resignationof the Gujarat CM overthe issue as he had no moralsor conscience.