Fighting Against “Gandh”!


Punjabi singer-rapper-actor Jasbir Jassi was inSurrey this week and met with members of thePunjabi press club and as usual, the firebrandartist remains unspoken against his nemesisHoney Singh and his allegedly “Gandh” (dirty)music! When asked by LINK editor R. Paul Dhillonto elaborate on his relationship with the muchmaligned Honey Singh, Jassi said he remains asopposed to Honey’s music but the rapper-produceris protected by high ups in Punjab and that iswhy his “Gandh” goes unchallenged! He saidwhen he hooked up with Honey in 2009 he wantedto take important social messages, things like the1984 carnage against Sikhs in India, to the newgeneration of music lovers who were attuned tothe new DJ-Punjabi rap styled dancer music butHoney Singh refused to finish the project and thatis why he released a 10 minute rap track to unmaskthe real face of Honey Singh! Jassi continues to challenge his former producer butsays he just wants to take a more positive, progressive message to his legion offans. Jassi is also planning to make a film on 1984 carnage for world audiencesafter making his debut in the Bikkar Bai Senti-Mental film where he introduced histrade-mark “Pa wa” – a wooden poll which he also brought to the press conference.