Indian Doctor Killed In Dubai By Pakistani Patient Upset With Treatment


DUBAI – The Indian doctor, fatally stabbed in an Abu Dhabi hospital last week, by his Pakistani patient was attacked as the assailant was upset over the treatment of his ailment, the police said.

Urologist Rajan Daniel was attacked with a kitchen knife by a Pakistani national Mohamed Abdul Jamil at the Al Ahlia Hospital on Saturday, as the 58-year-old doctor could not bring immediate relief to the attacker’s painful disease.

According to Abu Dhabi Police, the 46-year-old attacker was under Daniel’s observation for a urinary disease for several weeks and apparently visited the doctor for a follow-up.

Director of Criminal Investigation Directorate Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammed Bourshid said that the Abu Dhabi Police arrested the man and confiscated the weapon used in the crime.

Bourshid said that the offender was transferred to the psychiatric department for a medical check-up after he tried to commit suicide in his cell.

Lieutenant Colonel Jomaa Al Kaabi, Head of Self-Crimes Department in the Criminal Investigation Directorate said that, according to the testimony of the accused, the killer frequented the specialist urologist hailing from Kerala for the past 25 days for treatment of a recent illness.

“The doctor prescribed him drugs and painkillers, but it did not help him. He then revisited the doctor on the day of the crime and the two persons engaged in discussion about the patient’s lack of benefit from the medical treatment, especially after the clinical examination conducted by the doctor in the previous visit.”

Al Kaabi said that the accused reported to have said that he was very nervous and behaved like a criminal, after being provoked by the victim.

“He assaulted the doctor with office tools, at which point he took out a knife in his possession, bought on the day of the crime from a grocery store near the hospital (he failed to remove sale tag from the purchased item), and attacked the doctor. He assaulted him with several sharp stabs in the abdominal area, in his neck, and in different parts of his body, before leaving him lying on the ground in a pool of blood,” Al Kaabi said.

He said that the initial information indicated that the defendant intentionally killed the victim which is evident from the fact that he bought a knife to carry out the crime. Al Kaabi said that the defendant stayed at the hospital after the crime.

“The medical staff and witnesses informed the police that they watched the offender emerges from the doctor’s room bloodied with a knife in his possession and the doctor soaked in blood. Then the offender was caught after the arrival of the security personnel who took the necessary security measures; the suspect attempted to hide the knife in question by disposing it off in a drawer,” he said.