Indo-Canadian Space Buff Flirts With Stardom


SURREY – Indo-Canadian space buff Bhupinder Rathore, a SFU science geek who took a group of kids to a competition at NASA last year, hopes a British radio station’s producers will see stars when they review a short radio play script by Rathore and 10 protégées from Surrey’s Princess Margaret secondary school.

The station, Resonance 104.4FM in London, England, is an award-winning, arts council-funded radio station. Following their recent participation in a major international space settlement competition, the radio station asked for a 10-minute play, based on their submission.

Rathore coached the students and can talk about their script on Aynah, a space settlement they designed to orbit Mercury. He can also discuss how participating in the high profile International Space Settlement Competition, for the second consecutive year, has landed him other star-making opportunities.

It has helped him garner a co-op job as an engineer at Icron Technologies. He and a pair of protégées were also invited to a space-related digital conference at the U.S. Consulate General Office in Vancouver this week.