Is There A Conspiracy To Scrap The Nanakshahi Calendar?


AMRITSAR – While anticipating thatShiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee(SGPC) could scrap the Sikh’s ownNanakshahi Calendar adopted by it in 2003,the American Gurdwara ParbandhakCommittee (AGPC) has begun worldwidemovement to garner support for theNanakshahi Calendar and initiate a movementto pressurize SGPC against any such possiblemove.While talking to TOI over phone fromFremont, California, US on Tuesday,Coordinator of AGPC Dr Pritpal Singh ,quoting his highly placed sources, said ” Wewere shocked when we come to know thatSGPC is planning to eliminate NanakshahiCalendar”. Refusing to expose his ‘sources’Priptal Singh alleged that there was a conspiracygoing on under the influence of RSS to fullyeliminate the Sikh’s own calendar.While statingthat already SGPC had made changes under theinfluence of RSS in the original Nanakshahi calendar,he said that Sikh’s across the globe wouldn’ttolerate scrapping of the NanakshahiCalendar and instead advised SGPC to resortback to the original Nanakshahi Calendar.”Ourhighly reliable sources informed that SGPC isunder the influence of RSS and has chalked outa plan to bring more changes in Calender whichis not acceptable to the Sikhs around the world.” said President of AGPC Jaswant Singh Hothiwhile adding that Sikh bodies around the globewould initiate an international campaign andwouldn’t allow SGPC to eliminate the Calender.