Khushi Turns Surrogate Mother For Simar

‘Sasural Simar Ka’ on Color’s TV isgaining good numbers all thanks tosome great drama and extraordinaryperformances on the show.It’s possible it might gain anotherspike in ratings, with some high voltagedrama likely to be thrown in very soon.Sources inform that the Bharadwajfamily will soon get the biggest shockwith Khushi’s ( Jyotsana Chandola) reentryin the house.
Simar (Deepika Samson) and Prem( Shohaib Ibrahim) with the help ofRoli have managed to convince theentire family to have a baby throughsurrogacy. But destiny has somethingelse in store for them as the viciousKhushi will turn all their attempts futile.As seen in the promo Simar andRoli will reach hospital and will get toknow that some other lady has alreadygone through the surrogacy treatment.
Simar and Roli will be stunned to knowthis that the lady is none other thanKhushi. Simar will accept Khushi andforgive her for the sake all her child.However, Mataji ( Jayati Bhatia) willstand against Simar’s decision and willnot accept Khushi back. But afterSimar’s persuasion, Mataji will finallyallow Khushi back in the house.