Large Khalsa Day Parade In Surrey A Great Source Of Pride For The Sikh Community


Dear Editor:

The Surrey Nagar Kirtan this year was a huge success with about 200,000 people participating in it. Everything was very peaceful and people enjoying variety of foods from various booths. It was very encouraging to see lots of our young children dressed in typical Punjabi clothes and wearing Dastaars and Chunnies.

They all looked very happy and feeling very proud to be dressed up like young Sikhs. And many of these young children were participating in both religious and cultural activities. Many young Kids were participating in Kirtan and Gatka activities. And some young kids were participating in Bhangra and Gidha activities. One young kid about 3 year old really impressed me.

He was wearing Bhangra dress and wearing Pagdi, and was standing on stage in front of other Bhangra team youngesters. And the 3 year was feeling very confident and smiling while performing on stage. It made me feel very happy and proud of our younger generation. And hopefully they’ll keep our religion and culture alive in this country.

I’ll like to congratulate and thank the organizers and volunteers for working hard and making this Nagar Kirtan a huge success. Special thanks to all the volunteers who set up all the booths to prepare and serve variety of foods to 200000 persons.

And a very special thanks to the volunteers who worked very hard after the parade was over and people had gone home. These volunteers were working hard to remove tents and stages etc. and getting rid of all the garbage and cleaning up the streets. These are the volunteers who work very hard but hardly get recognised or appreciated.

I’ll like to take this oppurtunity to thank all these volunteers for working hard and making the whole thing complete and finish successfully. And hopefully Waheguru will bless these organizers and volunteers with more strength and desire to continue such Nagar Kirtans in the future years. Congratulations and thanks once again.

Kanwal jit Singh Gill

Surrey, B.C