Man Shot In The Head In Montreal Identified As Bangladeshi

- A Montreal police officer talks to people who were in the apartment at the time of the shooting.

MONTREAL — A man shot in the head and killed in a Montreal apartment Monday evening has been identified as Bangladeshi.

Neighbouring residents of the apartment building at 5775 Côte des Neiges Rd. identified the victim as Rakib Ullah, a 20-year-old man whom police say was of Bangladeshi origin, reported CTV news..

Ullah was brought over to the Jewish General Hospital across the street after the shooting in the apartment at around 9 p.m. Monday evening, and he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

Another man who lives in the building witnessed Ullah being transported to the hospital from his balcony, and rushed down to see if he could help.

“I was actually on my balcony, just looking over the street and I saw two men carrying a third one that looked in bad shape, maybe unconscious across the street,” Khashayar Esfahani, a medical student, told CTV Montreal’s Aphrodite Salas. “He had a gunshot wound to his head, he never responded. He looked like a dead body, very sad.”

Montreal police spoke to the person or people who brought Ullah to the hospital and spent much of the day Tuesday investigating the scene of the shooting.

Several people who were inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, namely a woman and several children, were taken to hospital and treated for shock. None of them were physically injured.

Montreal police also questioned those witnesses during the day on Tuesday.

A woman who did not want to be identified but who said she was a friend of Ullah’s said he was a very good man.

“He was so caring, such a giving person,” she said. “He never thought twice to help someone.”

The manager of the apartment building where the shooting took place, Shirin Dhanani, says the woman and her family moved into the apartment two years ago. However, Ullah did not live in the building.

“The tenant is from Afghanistan according to her records and her kids, I think she has four children, very very young kids,” said Dhanani.

Hassan Chat has owned a clothing store next to the apartment building for 12 years, and he couldn’t believe what had happened a night earlier because he says the building has always been very quiet.

“What’s the reason?” Chat said. “Why they killed a young man like that? I don’t know. I have no idea.”