Mayor McCallum promises to freeze property taxes until 2026


Responding to the needs of Surrey residents to make life more affordable during skyrocketing inflation, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum has promised to freeze property taxes for the next four years, if reelected.

“The Safe Surrey Coalition is hearing that residents cannot afford property tax increases while inflation is skyrocketing. We are committing to freezing property taxes for four years at 2.9%. That is well below the 7% expected rate of inflation,” said Mayor McCallum.

He said that the city “held the line at 2.9% during their past term, even during the pandemic. This is a remarkable achievement that was not matched by any other municipality in the Lower Mainland. Surrey is at the bottom third in the Lower Mainland when it comes to property taxes.”

By working in partnership with higher levels of government, the City of Surrey will also be able to secure infrastructure funding for SkyTrain to Newton, several new community centers with pools and build new road infrastructure without placing a burden on Surrey taxpayers.   

It’s clear that as the cost of living continues to experience rapid increases many of Surrey’s families need City Hall to manage their tax dollars wisely. Keeping property taxes low ensures that we continue to maintain housing and rental affordability.

“Doug has done that and will continue to do that in the next term,” stated Safe Surrey Coalition.