Miss Punjaban Runner-Up Headed To World Punjaban Pageant In Punjab


By Raji Johal

ABBOTSFORD – Jasmeen Johal, the first runner up Miss Punjaban BC 2012, is now preparing for Miss World Punjaban 2012, which will take place in Punjab in January-February.

Johal’s parents will accompany her and many family and friends look forward to seeing her compete live on PTC Punjabi on January 19 and February 02, 2013.

Born and raised in Abbotsford, Johal attributes her parents Rajvinder and Baldev Johal for her love of the Punjabi heritage and Culture.

“I was raised with an understanding and love of the Punjabi language, Culture and Values. My parents taught us how to read, write and speak Punjabi,” she said

When asked how Jasmeen got interested in bhangra and pageants, she laughed and said “it was all mum. She loved bhangra and singing and made due I learned it as well.”

Although her younger brother was kept busy with sports, school and dancing. He too has an appreciation for being Punjabi.

Jasmeen feels lucky that her parents allowed her to dance and compete in pageants, without her parents worrying about what other community members may think.

“It is not completely accepted even now, that a girl dance and sing in public, however my parents saw past all that. On one hand we have the younger generation losing interest in our culture, language and values on the other you have parents who won’t move forward in time,” Johal said.

Her advice to parents is make it fun and kids will like to do whatever you think is important.

And advice to up and coming pagent’s contestants is “ do what you are passionate about, don’t forget your morals and values.”