NDP passes motion to investigate GoFundMe’s involvement in convoy


OTTAWA – The Standing Committee on Public Safety, NDP critic Alistair MacGregor put forward a motion to investigate the role GoFundMe plays in funding hate, specifically white supremacy, and antisemitic movements. The company has ties to extremist events like the current convoy in Ottawa which pose a threat to Canadians.   

MacGregor’s motion calls on members of GoFundMe to appear before the committee as soon as possible. He says they need to answer questions about how the company ensures that donations are not used as a vehicle to fund extremism, explain what security measures are in place to prevent foreign funds from being used to support these views, and what measures and assurances have been put in place to ensure the $1 million dollars that has already been released is not going towards promoting any of forms of the aforementioned unacceptable views and activities.  

“GoFundMe are accountable for their role in this debacle, and it is incumbent on Parliamentarians to ask them these important questions,” said MacGregor. “We have a responsibility to Canadians to keep them safe.”  

“The citizens of Ottawa have been under siege for seven days now with no hope that things will get better soon. Local citizens are being harassed, spit on, children are scared of the bombardment of noise and people are afraid to leave their homes. Though not everyone in the convoy is there because they share the same views, we are extremely concerned about the prominence of hate, antisemitism, far right extremism and calls to replace the government through undemocratic means, which have been expressed among many organizers and seen among the protesters,” said MacGregor.  

MacGregor’s motion received unanimous support from committee members.