NRI Journalist Becomes Editor Of LA Times


LOS ANGELES – NRI journalist Davan Maharaj has been named the new editor and executive vice president of the Los Angeles Times in succession to Russ Stanton, who led the paper to three Pulitzer Prizes, the paper announced.

The 49-year-old Trinidad-born Maharaj takes over as the 15th editor of the paper and is currently the managing editor.

Maharaj holds a political science degree from Tennessee and a Masters degree in law from Yale and has worked at the paper for 22 years with a short stint in Africa.

He has also been an assistant foreign editor and then business editor before becoming the paper’s managing editor in 2008. Maharaj’s series on poverty in sub-Sahara won him the 2005 Ernie Pyle award.

In comments on his appointment, Maharaj said, “I am humbled and honoured and propose to push forward the newspaper in the digital and mobile space.”