PICS Society organizes Car Rally to bring awareness on gang violence and drug abuse


PICS Society organized a Car Rally and Walk on August 18, 2022 to bring awareness to the rising incidents of gang violence and drug abuse throughout the lower mainland.

The Car Rally and Walk was a part of our REACH (Realize – Educate – Accept – Communicate – Help) initiative to create awareness and share information about available resources for having Drug and Gang Free Communities.

“In March 2022, there were 165 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths. This is the second highest number of deaths ever recorded in the month of March. The total of 165 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths represent a 5% decrease from the number of deaths in March 2021 (174) and is a 5% decrease from the number of deaths occurring in February 2022 (174). The number of illicit drug toxicity deaths in March 2022 equates to about 5.3 deaths per day.” Ref: BC Government Statistics

Similarly, gang related shootings have seen an exponential rise in numbers as well as a dangerous trend of daytime shootings in public places, sometimes in the very presence of police authorities.

The Car Rally started at PICS’s Head Office and moved throughout Surrey and end at the Surrey City Hall, there will be a walk from Surrey City Hall to Holland Park.

“PICS’ goal is to impact individuals and continue to create awareness and educate our communities about the importance of providing programs, services and support systems,” said Satbir Cheema, president and CEO, PICS.