Shocker In The Valley Finally Sends Veteran Liberal Jati Sidhu To Ottawa


ABBOTSFORD – No one is a more dedicated Fraser Valley Liberal soldier than Jati Sidhu, who after years of service to his party and numerous previous runs for MP, finally was rewarded big time in a Valley shocker that saw Sidhu defeat his Conservative opponent in a new riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon.

Sidhu tallied 16,264 votes over Conservative Brad Vis, who came in second with 15,109 votes. In third was NDP candidate Dennis Adamson with 8,854.

“I feel great. I’m so happy to serve my constituents. That was the whole motive behind running for this job. My job starts tomorrow,” Sidhu said.

Sidhu said he was extremely excited that he won but also that his Liberals forming government: “The feeling can’t get any better. We wanted change, and we got change.

“I always wanted the Liberals to win… I met Justin many times, and he’s very personable, very happy today,” Sidhu said. “It’s been so long, so many years we had Harper, I feel a lot of people in the East Indian community, they had sentiments which were anti-Harper sentiments. So, all the anti-Harper vote went to Liberals.”