Sikh Gas station owner in US selling gas at less than purchase price


Jaswiendre Singh,a gas station owner in Phoenix, is willing to lose $500 daily from gas sales at his convenience store by selling it at lower prices just to give his customers a break, CNN reported.

The news channel reported that Singh is buying gas at 566 a gallon but he is selling 47 cents less so he is loosing around $500 a day. But Singh said it is worth it. “People don’t have money right now.”

He said he was doing it for the community and to “give a break to the customer and my community.”

“I never counted how much we lose or gain. My mother, my father taught us to help if you have something to share with others,” he said.

The losses have forced him and his wife to work overtime. In March, his selling price was 10 cents less than the cost of purchase. He said that it didn’t matter, and that “God gave [him] the help.”

Twitter users lauded Singh’s gesture. “Some heroes wear turbans,” one wrote.

This is not the first time Singh has helped his customers spend less money – in 2007, he reportedly bought the gas station and lowered prices during the recession the following year.