Sikh Youth Vancouver Rally


VANCOUVER – Sikh Youth Vancouver (SYV) held a public meeting that was well attended by the community.  The issues being faced were addressed along with the current political situation regarding the Gurdwara and the upcoming election.

The meeting was an enlightening experience for many for it cleared up a lot of confusion that has been circulating for the past few weeks.  Sikh Youth Vancouver has done all the work to ensure a fair election and fought the court case alone for the past two years.  There should be no confusion.

SYV is an independent group that is not associated with any other group or gurdwara.

The Sikh Youth Vancouver campaign took a new turn last week when Avtar S. Bhullar announced on a radio talk show that the parties should not be fighting this election with hidden agendas.  They should be clear and upfront with their plans.

He discussed proposals made by the Sohan S. Deo group regarding a merger with Sikh Youth Vancouver and how the two sides were not able to come together.  Negotiations should have taken place before the court case and not after.  In addition, the same party has held a grip on power for the past fifteen years.  Why don’t they give someone else a chance to do a better job.

SYV manifesto is promising to make changes in sixteen months if not their whole committee will resign.  What is there to lose?

“In addition clarifications were made with regards to the United Surrey group.  This group was formed by three gurdwaras (Surrey, New West. and Khalsa Darbar).  This group has done nothing but set up a tent in the latter stages of the campaign and has attempted to take over this election.  Their agenda has little to do with sikhi, seva, family but everything to do with taking another gurdwara under their control.  It is rumored that Reena Chawla (a Malik relative) and Devinder S.  Mann are running so that they can get the gurdwara property for free and run the school while getting grants from the government.  Gurpal Virk has issues with the Gurdwara land that he is leasing in Richmond.  They didn’t give him what he wanted so he resigned.  He should have resigned two years ago if there were wrongdoings but he did not and only did it for personal reason and that too a month before the election.  There are other parties that are looking at getting land rezoned and having the backing of a society makes it easier while dealing with the politicians and that is the United Surrey slate.  The only thing they will do is help the current executive win.  If people really wish to see a change then there is only one choice in this election.,” said SYV.

Arjan S. Bhullar and Parm Phangura were there to sign autographs and the kids took photos with them.  They told the audience that were proud to endorse SYV and complimented the hard work that had been put to this campaign.  Bobby Singh sent his well wishes as well but the BC Lions were playing in the western final and he had to attend the game.  He promised to hold another event for the kids.  Bobby Singh is a supporter of SYV.

“In the past week a new wave has taken place.  Perhaps the election date is solidifying people’s decision and the undecided are making up their minds.  It also might that now people are finding out what the real youth group has done for the past two years.  In the end one group has been working hard for the past two years and spent their money while the other came in at the last minute to hijack the whole campaign.  For the Surrey United group there is lots of money from three Gurdwaras to spend and they can do a media blitz on every front.  They have spent over $10,000 on billboards (which are an embarrassment to the community) and over $40,000 on radio spots.  This is not a federal election.  Where were they two years ago?  Do they only come out to fight elections?  In this election there are only two choices.  If you like the current status then vote for the Deo slate and if you wish to see changes then the only choice is Sikh Youth Vancouver.”