United Sikh Youth Hold Rally


VANCOUVER – In the dying days of the Ross Street Gurdwara elections campaign, Sikh Youth made a last ditch effort to reach out to the more than 11,000 members of the society.

This election is considered one of the most historic in recent times as United Sikh Youth led by business professional Joga Singh.

The United Sikh Youth has presented the strongest challenge ever to replace the current so called “Moderate Executive” with a more unity and community driven executive which will address the pressing needs of the community.

As stated by United Sikh Youth presidential candidate Joga Singh Sangha, “The community has a very important decision to make this Saturday as to whether they would like to continue with divisive politics in the community by voting for Sohan Singh Deo or Kuldeep Singh or does the community want to unite and start tackling issues which have been ignored for so long by voting for the United Sikh Youth? Through the overwhelming support that the membership has shown thus far, we’re confident the outcome of the election will be a positive one.”

The United Sikh Youth has presented a Five Point Plan focusing on Unity, Sikhi, Education, Families, and Seva as pillars of their vision to bring the community together and work towards a brighter future. This plan has been very well received by the membership of the Society which has been waiting for the emergence of such a platform so that progress can begin.

Over 1200 people came out in support of the United Sikh Youth this past Sunday at the “We are all Sikhs Rally.”

Speaking to media after the rally, slate member Paneet Singh passionately stated, “The overwhelming support of the community at the rally shows that United Sikh Youth is speaking to the core of the issues that need to be addressed. We will do whatever it takes to bring the community together, we will re-open the Guru Nanak Elementary School and further develop programs to promote higher education, we will develop new and innovative programs to promote Sikh principles, philosophy, and history, we will develop social programs to strengthen Sikh families, and we will contribute to humanitarian causes as taught to us by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This is our promise and this is all achievable if we come together in support of United Sikh Youth.”