Stay aware and plan ahead with Surrey’s Alertable app


As part of the City of Surrey’s Extreme Weather Action Plan, residents now have the ability to receive alerts and emergency notifications through Surrey Fire Service’s Alertable app.

The free Alertable app allows users to directly receive important emergency and safety information, in a timely manner, which will help keep both themselves and others informed and up to date.

Mayor Doug McCallum encouraged residents to stay aware and plan ahead by signing up for Alertable today.

Once signed up, you will receive notifications on your cellphone, home phone or email for:

  • severe weather
  • natural disasters
  • industrial hazards
  • other emergencies with the potential to impact many citizens.

Alerts may include information about evacuation orders, where to go for support during an emergency and additional information about potential threats to public safety.

Regardless of the method you choose to receive alerts (app, text, phone notifications, etc.), this alert notification service is free to all users.