Visiting Indian Woman Killed, Granddaughter Abducted In US

WASHING TON – An Indian woman fromAndhra Pradesh visitingthe US waskilled when sheapparently tried toresist the abductionof her 10-month old grand daughter. Police and FBIhave launched amassive manhuntfor the assailantsand the kidnappers.
“Saanvi Venna(the baby) isbelieved to havebeen taken from her family’s apartmentafter the murder of her grandmother,Satayvathi Venna, age 61, on Monday,”Montgomery County District AttorneyRisa Vetri Ferman said in a statement.Pennsylvania State Police has issuedan Amber Child Abduction Alert.
According to Ferman, the body ofSatyavathi Venna, the paternal grandmotherof Saanvi, was discovered insidethe apartment.Satyavathi had arrived from Indiafor a visit in July and was scheduled toreturn home in January. She wasbabysitting the child.The parents of the child, VenkataKonda Siva Venna (father) andChenchu Latha Punuru (mother), hademigrated from India in February 2007.
They previously lived in SanAntonio, Texas, Troy Michigan, andCleveland Ohio. In June this year, theymoved to King of Prussia inPennsylvania.An autopsy of the body ofSatyavathi Venna is underway, Fermansaid.In a televised news conference,Venkata Konda Siva Venna, made abrief, emotional plea, asking for help totrace his baby.
“If someone finds my baby, couldyou please bring my baby back?” he wasquoted as saying by the Philly Inquirer.According to the daily, the neighboursexpressed shock at the incident.”You always fear the worst,”Veronica Nava, 36, who lives in thesame complex, told the daily.