Was Expecting More From ‘Love Marriage…’: Rishika Mihani

Television actress Rishika Mihani, who plays Shivani in ” Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage” isn’t happy with theway the show is shaping up  and is eagerly waiting for it to get back to the original track. “The show started nicely and the hoardings and all looked very interesting.
But now the story line has completely been changed. I am hoping that it changes back and the whole debate of arranged marriage versus love marriage should come out. I was expecting much more from the show,” Rishika told IANS. “I can’t see any similarities to the
hoardings and the promos shown earlier. The story was exciting but now three to four writers have changed,” she added. Last seen in “Beend Banoonga Ghodi Chadhunga”, Rishika says she is looking forward to playing a role, which is remembered by the audience for long. “I want to do good roles which are realistic and people can relate to.  Nowadays people don’t relate to innocent bahus (daughters-in-law), who are nice to everyone even though they are not treated well at home. So I don’t want to do those kind of roles,” she said. “I want to do a role which will be
remembered and I have no hang ups in being remembered by my character name,” she added. The actress is dating Ameya Malandkar, who is in construction business and the couple plans to tie the knot by the end of next year. Rishika says she always wanted to have a love marriage in
real life. “I would never be able to go foran arranged marriage. I know the world is all about I, me and myself and it’s better
to make it clear from the beginning. In an arranged marriage you hardly knowthe person,” she said.
Unlike other television actors,
Rishika has no plans to venture into films
and wants to focus on small screen only