11-Year-Old Boy Testifies In Indecent Assault Trial Of Teacher


LABASA – An 11-year-old boy took the witness stand in the Labasa Magistrates Court in the trial of a regional executive of the Fiji Football Association who faces three counts of defilement and one of indecent assault.

The child told the court that in 2009, he was asked by a teacher to bring the victim to him during lunch break at school.

During cross-examination, defence counsel Ami Kohli asked the boy what the victim was doing, and who she was with when he went to call her.

The boy said the victim was at a meke practice with other girls and he told the supervising teacher the victim was wanted by another teacher.

The boy said he accompanied the victim to the classroom where the other teacher was waiting. He said he saw the accused also present.

The boy said he saw the accused and the victim speaking, and the other teacher, standing with the two, laughing.

When asked by Kohli where he was standing in the classroom, the boy told the court he was partly hidden while seated near the door.

He said the conversation that took place that day was in the Hindustani language.

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