Mega Moolah: The World’s Biggest and Most Popular Jackpot Slot


There are many different reasons people are attracted to online casinos: some people enjoy the challenge and the game play. Some people enjoy the colourful and award-winning graphics, with many online casinos employing the same graphic designers that are used by high end computer gaming companies. And for some, the lure of the online casino is the chance that they might win big.

When it comes to big wins, they don’t come any bigger than Mega Moolah, who entered the Guiness World Record Book for offering the largest ever jackpot payout on an online slot machine. Jon Heywood from the UK won €17,879,645 (equivalent to $20,062,600 or £13,209,300) via a progressive jackpot, which he achieved from playing a single round of the game. Mr Heywood was a soldier in the British army when lady luck smiled at him and remarkably, despite winning such a lifechanging amount of money, he went straight back to work!

What is Mega Moolah?

Mega Moolah at Wildz was first developed in 2006 and it is a simple five reel, three row jackpot slot. Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot game, which means that a small amount from every single wager that is placed on the slot goes into the combined jackpot pool: it is this approach that allows the total jackpot to get to such high, life changing amounts.

Whilst the potential jackpots from Mega Moolah are high, so are the levels of fun you can have from its smooth game play: it is straight forward, simple, and classic. Because it was first designed more than a decade ago, the graphics do look a little basic, and the safari premise is a little child-like, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that many thousands of online casino connoisseurs still enjoy playing this classic game every day.

Why is Mega Moolah so Famous?

So, why is Mega Moolah still so famous and so popular? Well, quite simply, it’s because it offers the potential to win such huge pay outs! It is the small change that it could be your lucky day, and you could be the one to walk away as a millionaire, that keeps many online casino fans returning to play Mega Moolah. The game offers four different types of jackpot games: Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. As you can imagine from their titles, mini offers the smallest payouts (starting from 10 euros) whilst mega offers the largest payouts (starting from 1 million euros). As you can imagine, it is the mega version of the game that attracts the most players, and the most attention!

It is important to point out that the likelihood that you will place your bet and walk away as a millionaire is very small.And it’s important to only bet what you can afford, and to stop playing when it stops being fun.  But as Jon Heywood, and so many other players, have discovered, there is always a chance that is could be your lucky day! And it is this point that keeps many players coming back again and again.