Rental Cars In Taxi Scam


SUVA – The Land Transport Authority has uncovered a scam in which rental cars are being illegally used for taxi businesses.

Chief executive officer Naisa Tuinaceva said the authority had six cases of rental cars being used as taxis.

He said the LTA had been cracking down on the use of private vehicles as taxis in the past and the new method to use rental cars in this illegal activity was a major concern.

He said two rental car operators in Nadi believed to be involved in the scam had been identified. Tuinaceva said LTA officers had obtained evidence and were finalising details to further pursue the matter.

“This is a new revelation, it is another level of corruption,” he said. “The authority will have no mercy on rental companies involved in this scam.”

He said the LTA would revoke the rental car licence of the companies involved and track down all illegal dealers.

“After several private car drivers were charged for illegally operating as taxis, rental car operators are now doing the same,” he said.

“Our officers have caught these rental cars picking and dropping passengers and the authority will come hard on those involved. These rental car companies have violated their licence conditions and they will be taken to task.”

He urged commuters to refrain from using vehicles involved in illegal activities,” Tuinaceva said

“The law has been set out and needs to be followed. We request people to report any suspicious cases to the LTA as their contribution will help take these offenders to task.”