BC and Ontario Gurdwara Councils allege MP Chandra Arya of obstructing motion on foreign interference


The BC Gurdwaras Council and Ontario Gurdwaras Committee have issued a joint statement saying that MP from Nepean, Ontario Chandra Arya is trying to obstruct a motion introduced by Surrey MP Sukh Dhaliwal. The motion condemns foreign interference and calls for stronger protections for the affected diaspora community.
Motion (M-112) states that “recent events, including the credible allegations of a link between agents of the Government of India and the killing of a Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, at a place of worship on Canadian soil, are examples of rising forms of intimidation, threats, and interference from countries such as India, China, Russia, Iran, and others; and in the opinion of the House, to ensure that diaspora communities are protected from acts of political interference, violence, or intimidation on Canadian soil, the government should immediately review its measures that hold to account any person or agents of a foreign state undermining democratic institutions, engaging in acts of violence, or violating human or international rights, in order to bar these persons from entering Canada, and report to the House on the progress of these actions.”
Arya in his email writes that the motion will further encourage anti-India groups and increase Hinduphobia.
Moninder Singh, spokesperson, BC Gurdwara Council on the other hand called it “fearmongering.” Singh said, “This motion condemns foreign interference and transnational repression within Canada and calls for stronger protections for the effected diaspora community—neither of which should be controversial for a Canadian representative. Mr. Arya makes numerous claims throughout his email which are problematic for all Canadians who value the human rights and freedoms afforded to them within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”
“As acknowledged by government bodies and policy experts, Canada’s racialized communities are simultaneously some of the most targeted—and vulnerable—for foreign interference, intimidation, and harassment by foreign actors. The fact that a political assassination of this nature could potentially have occurred in broad daylight in Surrey BC, Canada gives rise to grave concerns about the Government of Canada’s lack of decisive action in combating Indian foreign interference in Canada and makes Mr. Arya’s pressuring members of his own Liberal caucus even more concerning to Canadians,” Singh added.
“Members of the Liberal caucus and all political parties should stand with the motion M-112 to ensure that racialized and other marginalized or vulnerable communities within Canada are protected from countries like India who are engaging in extrajudicial killings of Canadian citizens on Canadian soil,” added Amarjit Singh Mann, Spokesperson, Ontario Gurdwaras Committee.