Fiji Youth Addicted To “Glue Sniffing”


SUVA – There is an urgent need to carry out awareness programs on television and radio stations on the effects of glue sniffing.

And there is also a need to carry out parenting programs on television to ensure that children are brought up in the right way.

School Management Association of Fiji president Govind Singh made the comments in the wake of reports of schoolchildren indulging more in glue sniffing.

“Glue sniffing is a very serious issue and it appears that parents and teachers are losing control over the children,” he said.

“The children are not even listening to their parents and we need to find out why they are behaving in a revolutionary manner.”

Singh believes there is a lack of awareness programs on the effects of substance abuse, in particular glue sniffing which was common among schoolchildren now.

St Giles Hospital’s medical superintendent, Dr Shish Ram Narayan told The Fiji Times that some students in their early teens have been treated at the hospital for glue sniffing. Dr Narayan said some parents also brought their children, who are sniffing glue, to the hospital to instil the fear in them of ending up at the hospital if they continued with the habit.