Giving The Gift Of Eyesight


AMRITSAR – Rattan Singh was heartbroken when his new born grandson came into the world blind, suffering from a rare cataract condition that obstructed all light.

A horse buggy owner in Amritsar, India, the baby’s father, Balwinder Singh, barely earned enough to feed his family-never mind  pay for his expensive surgeries to save the son’s eyesight.

But in 2009, this Singh’s saw a newspaper notice about a local eye camp put on by Canadian Eyesight Global, a non-profit society, formerly known as Project-Eyesight-India. Hoping against hope, the boy’s grandfather attended the eye camp and fervently pled his grandbaby’s case. case.

Now, three years and 2 surgeries later, little Gurppartap Singh can see.

Thanks for the support of Rotary Club of Burnaby and Satwant Sangha..

The grandfather came to me and said “I can’t afford the eye surgery.

Even with my whole life earning, I still won’t be able to make it’

“recalled Anup Singh Jubbal, President of Canadian Eyesight Global, which, which fully funded the surgeries.” When you can’t even buy enough groceries, how would you pay for the surgeries?

“Their little boy would have been blind all his life”

The Canadian Eyesight Global paid  the full cost of for surgery on one eye-a precaution infection should set in and ruin both eyes-at Amritsar’s Nirmaljot Eye Hospital in 2009 when the boy was only seven months old.

“Then a little while back, this guy called me again by phone from India and said. ” “Can you help me?” Jubbal said.

Two weeks agao, the second operation was successfully performed, Canadian Eyesight Global, formerly Project Eyesight-India  has successfully sponsored and funded more than 69,000 free cataract surgeries, and treated over 300,000 people for avoidable blindness in rural parts of India since 1989. Rotary Club of Surrey-Guildford is the sponsor of Canadian Eyesight Global, has donated a mobile ambulance van for the campaign against avoidable blindness in Punjab. India.

Any member of Indo-Canadian Community is welcome to  join hand in this noble eye project and may also sponsor a Mega Eye Camp in their village in Punjab or any part of India. For further info., please contact: Anup Singh Jubbal, Canadian Eyesight Global. Ph.(604)582-0579, email:[email protected]    www.