Hearts are broken, families are grieving, a community is feeling immeasurable loss – Manitoba Bus tragedy


Family, friends and community members are grappling with losing their loved ones in one of Manitoba’s deadliest crashes. 
Fifteen people were confirmed dead Thursday, June 15, after a semi-trailer collided with a small bus that was carrying about 25 people — most of whom were seniors from in and around the western Manitoba city of Dauphin, about 150 kilometres north of Carberry.
RCMP released the names of those who were killed last week, during a news conference. The people on the bus were beloved grandparents, mothers, fathers and siblings.
 Supt. Jeff Asmundson, Manitoba RCMP west district commander started his speech on a very emotional note. “The word tragedy has been used a lot over the last week. But never has that word had as much meaning as it does when we look at these photographs. There has been a cloud over this community since the collision occurred,” he said.
He said, “Hearts are broken, families are grieving, a community is feeling immeasurable loss. The communities of Carberry and Dauphin will be forever connected.”
First responders who were at the scene are making their way through the enormity of what occurred.
“The main thing that has helped me cope through everything that has happened is how everyone came together – the passing motorists at the scene, Rural Fire departments, EMS, Police, Mental health workers, community members, local churches and of course the victim’s families,” he said.
Supports were put in place for the family right away. Offers for assistance and support for this tragedy showed the compassion of Manitobans and Canadians.
“I was there with the families, on that first day, as they awaited news on their loved one and having no idea what to expect. At the scene, people came from all over to assist,” he said.
“Officers at the Dauphin Detachment and Major Crime Services came in after their shifts to answer the phones, even though they couldn’t tell people what they wanted to hear – where their loved ones were. We knew it was important that there was a voice on the end of the phone when those families called us,” he said.
The impact of this loss will be felt for a long time to come.