Well known LINK photographer, restaurateur (The Tandoori Raj on 65th and Fraser) Sukhwant Singh Dhillon found 5600 American dollars in a hotel locker he was given during his stay at the Holiday Inn in Disneyland, California to put his and his children’s passports. Now most people will be happy to receive such a gift, which would more than double cover his expenses and shopping there. But not this HONEST SINGH! Dhillon went through the locker and found documents and paperwork belonging to a hotel employee named Roxanne, a Filipino woman, who had been going through some personal challenges and had apparently left her hard earned money in the locker. Dhillon was able to track her down through Hotel management and gave the money back to a very happy Roxanne, who called it a miracle. When asked if he was tempted – Dhillon told the LINK it is the first thought many people would have but he could never keep the money as he believes in earning his money honestly and especially not taking something that belonged to a downtrodden soul like Roxanne. “I can sleep well knowing that she got all her money and important paperwork back,” Dhillon said.