Indian Man Relocates To Canada For Meta Job, Laid-Off Just 2 Days Later


In one of the worst lay-offs ever in the tech industry after Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg-led Meta laid off more than 11,000 of its employees in one fell swoop. One of the employees who was shown the door was an Indian man, who has shared his plight after getting fired in just two days of joining Meta. The worst part is that the employee, named Himanshu V, had just relocated to Canada from India for his new Meta job. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Himanshu is an IIT-Kharagpur graduate, and has previously worked at brands like GitHub, Adobe and Flipkart.

In his LinkedIn post, he wrote, “I relocated to Canada to join #Meta and 2 days after joining, my journey came to an end as I am impacted by the massive layoff. My heart goes out to everyone facing a difficult situation right now.” The now ex Meta employee said that he has no idea about his next step and asked LinkedIn users to inform him of any position for a software engineer.

”Honestly, I have no idea! I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. Let me know if you know of any position or hiring for a software engineer (Canada or India),” he concluded his post.

 Many also provided him leads on job opportunities and shared links of companies that are hiring software engineers.

One user wrote, “I’m not sure how these things happen? How does a company not know that they’re making someone move across continents just to lay them off 2 days after?! Surely they had the ‘layoff list’ ready atleast a couple of weeks in advance. ”Another said, “I feel you buddy. I’m in a similar situation. Stay positive some one somewhere will help us out. All the Best!!”