Thank You Jack For Standing Up With Courage And Conviction


Dear Editor:

Thank you for your sense of substance and style.  Rolling up your sleeves to go to work for Canadian families, you always wore your political beliefs so proudly.  You made orange the new black, yet you always kept the spotlight on the red Maple Leaf.

Thank you for that trademark moustache.  It highlighted the optimistic smile, and strong upper lip, you carried with so much dignity from coast to coast to coast.

Thank you for bringing canes back in vogue.  Your energy on the campaign trail left a generation half your age scrambling just to keep up.  You always seemed to be a step ahead – on the ground, and more importantly for you, on the issues that truly matter.

Thank you for facing us in your highs and lows.  You never shied away from a fight.  Though, with you, it was never personal.  You stood up time and again for the little guy.  You were always in our corner.  And, in the end, millions of us were in yours.

Thank you, Jack.

Harman S. Pandher

Burnaby, BC