Vancouver Activist Lee Lakeman Chosen For 2013 Thakore Visiting Scholar Award Honours


BURNABY – Vancouver activist Lee Lakeman has been selected as the recipient of 2013 Thakore Visiting Scholar Award Honours for her efforts to stop violence against women.

Lakeman, who’s clear objective has been to strengthen the women’s movement, has been credited with mentoring and developing several hundred women activists as members of the Vancouver Rape Relief Womens Shelter (VRRWS) collective and providing resources and support to the growth of other activist groups.

Expecting that men of conscience would live up to their best, Lakeman initiated and chaired a committee of male allies who have, for over thirty-five years, raised funds and promoted the important work of VRRWS in the community. She has written many books and has represented her work locally, provincially, federally and internationally.

She chooses the path that benefits women, though it requires many personal sacrifices and difficulties. Many women’s lives have literally been saved through her work.

The award coincides with Gandhi Jayanti celebration, which strives to promote Mahatma Gandhi’s principles locally in today’s world. Our focus this year is to promote the end of violence against women and help those who are marginalized.

The Thakore Visiting Scholar Award is presented annually to outstanding persons who have made the welfare of society their lifetime work. This year 2013 the Thakore Family Foundation, The India Club of Vancouver and the J.S. Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities at Simon Fraser University celebrates the 23rd annual Gandhi Jayanti Celebration with an award to Lakeman for her nearly 40 years of working to end violence against all women.

Lee will talk about her work with ending violence against women, women’s equality and strengthening the women’s movement.

Gandhi was able to both motivate and empower people – the common people – to stand against terrible injustice and take actions toward achieving a society based on principles of human community. Lee Lakeman and Mahatma Gandhi both devoted their lives to creativity, commitment, and a deep concern for truth in public life. And both had a passion for helping those who were the most marginalized.