Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (G) * * *


Anil Kumar Cameo And Death Defying Stunt At Towering Burj Khalifa Among Highlights In This Heavy On Action And Short On Story Sequel


Trouble comes fast and furious in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the latest and freshest actioner from Paramount Pictures now shooting it out at The Ridge, Oakridge Cinemas and Cineplex Odeon Arenas around B.C.

Smart from start to finish, first time action director Brad Bird hits the bulls eye in the triumphant return of Tom Cruise as famed agent Ethan Hunt.  Now Hunt’s rag tag team of operatives has been disbanded.  Fret not adventure addicts as the crew are hobbled back together when a plot surfaces that has world wide domination as its theme.  Comic relief is brilliantly brought to the fore by British wit Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) whose high teck antics come in handy as computer skills are needed to foil a madman.  Oh, and lets not gloss over the comely attraction of Paul Patton whose wily ways and lissome frame are used to great advantage to trap a spy.

Newcomer to Hunt’s team is D.C. operative Jeremy Renner who plays a pivotal role in this complex thriller that has loads of humour and non-stop action.  World-wide locations are well utilized in this, the fourth mission impossible adrenalin rush.  Shot mainly in Vancouver stopovers in such exotic locales as Dubai, India and snowy Sweden all figure in this complex plot that revolves around assassinations, lethal lady lovelies, double agents and rollicking action.  Cruise simply anchors this role and does 90% of his own stunts, giving this 133 minute film lots of bang for your buck.

If you enjoy thrillers, high stakes adventure, deadly enemies and an engaging hero then Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol will be right up your alley.  Expect a fifth installment in this original television series based adventure yarn to be green lit right as we speak.