Vidya Balan: A Friend In Deed

One aspect of life thatVidya Balan is very particularabout his her friends.The actress with greatpride says, “My friends and Ishare an unspoken bond.They have known mebefore I stepped into theindustry and achieved stardom.
“Vidya says that what ismost beautiful about herfriendship is the understandingthat they share.”There have been dayswhen I have been travellingand busy shooting for monthsand have not been able to meetthem.Or I have had free timeand they have been busy. Butnever once is there a complaint.
Because we know that weare always there for each otherand are just phone call away.”Vidya further said, “I valuemy friends and vice versa.Such bonds last a life timeand I have been very lucky inthat aspect of life.”