Safe Surrey Coalition Delivers on Promise to Widen 80th Avenue Road


Former Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum along with Safe Surrey Coalition Councillors Doug Elford and Mandeep Nagra announced the successful completion of the 80th Avenue Road Widening Project, a significant achievement that fulfills a longstanding commitment to the community.
“This project, aimed at widening 80th Avenue Road, has been a community ask for the past 15 years. Under the leadership of Surrey’s former Mayor Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition majority council, this promise has been delivered,” said Councillor Nagra.
The project includes repaving and widening the road from 2 to 4 travel lanes, new traffic signals and pedestrian crossings, improvements in access and safety, and the introduction of multiuse paths for safer cycling and walking.
The widened 80th Avenue Road will have a transformative impact on our community. It will significantly enhance traffic flow, reducing congestion and making daily commutes smoother for residents. Additionally, the project prioritizes road safety, with improved pedestrian access and safer cycling routes.
“The Safe Surrey Coalition remains committed to delivering on promises made, promises kept, and this milestone reaffirms that commitment. We are excited about the positive impact this project will have on the quality of life for Surrey residents. We invite all members of the community to celebrate this achievement, which will greatly benefit our city by reducing congestion, preparing for future growth, and increasing road safety for all road users, McCallum said.